Accidental Homeschooling

I’ve done a little research and I have to agree that right now is not the time to do full fledged homeschooling. It’s more like accidental schooling, so you need a system you can jump right into. You need one that you can start at any point in the school year and set it up quickly, so your kids can get started right away. We did some quick research when our son came home and we settled on Time4Learning.


  • is a quick set up and not very expensive. In fact, right now they are running a special for $19.94 for PreK-8th and $30 for 9th through 12th. This is a monthly fee, but it fits our son’s learning needs.
  • is a Certified Autism Resource by IBCCES Review Board, so it works perfectly for our son.
  • has been on the top 100 Educational Websites since 2009.
  • works with different learning styles.
  • is totally flexible and adjustable to your child. You can select the grade level of work they are at in each subject and the pace at which they take that subject as well as any needed extra practice.
  • has an online guide for the Accidental Homeschooler.
  • creates the lesson plans for you and your student automatically.
  • offers a variety of foreign languages for an additional fee if you choose to use this.
  • does have some drawbacks:
    • is not accredited by an educational accrediting agency, that I could see, so might be difficult for high schoolers who need accredited services.
    • has limited high school coursework available.
    • has printable worksheets that, if you use them, could make it difficult if you do not own a printer.

Another place that might be worth looking into, especially if your need accredited programming is the Calvert Homeschool program. This was a little more expensive when we were first looking at homeschooling options, but the cost has become much more for during the remainder of this school year.

Calvert Homeschool

  • is a quick and easy set up as well.
  • is running a special for three free months, which would get you through the rest of the school year and then some. Use code CALVERT90.
  • is then only $39.95 per month for one child or $69.95 for up to 3 students. Hopefully by next school year your kids will be back in school.
  • offers a printed curriculum, but that is not free.
  • is fully accredited program
  • does have some drawbacks
    • has limited high school coursework available, but enough to get in the basics requirements
    • will end up costing a little more for next year, but you have time to do some research between now and then.

One of the places we hope to get our son into next year is Connections Academy. My daughter went through this for one year of high school several years ago and it was perfect for what she needed. It is fully accredited and offers curriculum for several different State agencies as well.

Connections Academy

  • is free is you get registered within their time frame
  • aligns itself with your State’s educational standards
  • provides all materials and offers field trips and a few other items.
  • employs live teachers to assist your students.
  • has a college prep curriculum with honors and AP courses
  • offers weekly “face” time with the teachers through their system.
  • does have some drawbacks
    • rigid guidelines for when you can apply and you can start. We missed this deadline, so we were unable to use this service.
    • requires a parent or adult as a learning coarse to oversee the education which is a more involved role the younger your child is.

I hope this gives you some ideas. I truly hope you are able to send your kiddos back to school at some point, but in between times, these might be helpful to look into.

What are you choosing to do with your children during this time?

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